We have delivered £20,000 worth of value for local communitiesWe have delivered £20,000 worth of value for local communities

Over the last three months Accessibility Solutions has been working hard to support grass roots transport providers to achieve sustainable market positions. Our approach, albeit intensive, is extremely successful in securing cash investments for our clients very quickly; in just 12 weeks we have delivered nearly £20,000 worth of value for local communities –

  • An unrestricted capital contribution for a new vehicle for a transport operator in the Marches region
  • A revenue grant towards overhead costs for a grass roots transport provider in the rural Teme Valley
  • Both capital setup costs and on-going revenue support costs for an electronic scheduling system for an urban transport scheme in the West Midlands

We know things are tough right now for organisations that have traditionally benefited from grant aid or discretionary investment from a local authority…and we also know those days are gone forever; in addition, competition for any remaining investment opportunities is at an unprecedented high.

But the Accessibility Solutions approach is very different – we work with local communities, transport commissioners and providers to co-produce solutions from conception to implementation; we take an original idea and secure funding, develop the delivery model and design the service, all tailored to local needs and requirements. As Accessibility Solutions develops their businesses, our clients are unburdened to provide affordable, accessible and inclusive services in their respective localities.

If you are a stakeholder, commissioner or provider of accessibility solutions please get in touch to hear how we can help to develop your business in order to keep your local community connected.

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